Fine Art Painter

Alexandra graduated in 1997 with 1st Class Hons in Fine Art Painting from Southampton University. Since graduating she has developed her own unique style and approach to art and in parallel worked in the field of commercial display.

Her diverse work covers, abstract landscapes and seascapes, process based works through to a more recent graphic approach looking at nature. Her quest as most painters is to interpret the multi-dimensional world around us on to a 2 dimensional surface. For the past year she has moved away from a flat graphic style to a more realist approach. Alexandra has been preoccupied with recreating scenes at twilight or at sundown, when the landscapes around us appear to turn 2D, this has led her to create clean and clear silhouettes contrasting against dramatic skies.

Alexandra is inspired by the German Romanticists such as Casper Frederich. In contrast, she uses modern mediums to interpret modern landscapes. She recreates dramatic skies juxtaposed by silhouettes of familiar street scenes. These scenes and the materials used reinforce our concerns for Global Warming.  Electrical pylons, aerials on roof tops, cranes and traffic lights are interwoven within the compositions. These compositions are constructed from her own photographic documentation of the day to day environment around her.

The wonderful utopia often lies right at our feet Ludwig Tieck 1795.


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